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Leap Into Action: Letting Your Property In The Spring

Spring is traditionally a busy time for property lettings, as more people look to move home as part of a revamp after the darker days of winter. It’s also the time of year when the weather (hopefully) picks up and people are more willing to embark upon viewings and sign up with lettings agents. So how can you make your property look more appealing to potential tenants this spring?


First impressions

It’s an age-old fact, but still a true one that people tend to form a first impression quickly. So make sure the property looks fantastic from the moment your potential tenants clap eyes on it. Take time to fix any broken windows, stiff front doors, cracked window ledges and discoloured paintwork. Plant some colourful spring flowers in pots by the front door and make sure the entrance looks welcoming, clean and free from clutter. Tidy up the garden too and give the lawn its first cut of the year.


Spring cleaning

Take advantage of your impending property move to have a good sort out of your possessions, as well as a thorough clean of the property. If you are letting out a house or flat that doesn’t have sitting tenants in it, this is the perfect time to redecorate it so the walls look neat and the kitchen and bathroom units feel clean. Polish the woodwork and hoover all rugs and carpets to remove any dust bunnies you may find lurking in the corners.


Free and easy

Think about people’s desires to approach the spring season and the rest of the year with a fresh start and try to reduce clutter in the property to a minimum. Keep some of the shelves and cupboard spaces totally empty so people can imagine their own possessions taking up residence there. Move furniture around to see what layout looks nicest. Avoid hanging heavy curtains or blinds at the windows – let the spring sunshine in to warm up the room instead. If you are planning to redecorate, choose spring-like colours, such as neutral pastels and creams, to make rooms feel bigger and lighter.


Bring the outdoors in

Finally, take advantage of nature’s glorious colour palette and make room for vases of fresh blossom and spring flowers, as well as bowls of fruit and nuts. If you find something interesting from the natural world when out on a walk, such as a handful of pinecones, an unusually coloured rock or an attractive branch, bring it home if you are able to and find somewhere to display it and add interest that way. Or take photos of local beauty spots and have them framed to hang in the property. Local property agents should be able to recommend some nice places to visit for this purpose.